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The handle “Meetzorp” comes from my dad’s misinterpretation of the name of the planet where the Coneheads came from. The Coneheads come from Meepzor. According to my folks, my dad came up with a selection of flippant suggestions for names for me before I was born. Meetzorp, Bendix, Griswald, Maynard, and Guisewite were the top-5 shortlist.

I ended up being named Michelle, as were many, many other girl babies born in the mid-1970s.

I guess Dad’s smartassery had a lasting effect, however, as I’ve named my website Meetzorp and one of my cats Griswald.

Hey, Dad, thanks for the warped sense of humor. It’s serving me well these days.

I’m a 30-something Kansas City cyclist. I also like to take pictures, sew, brew beer, plant flowers, perform feats of demolition and do dorky dances. I have one spectacular dog and two cats, both more or less insane, as any good cat should be.

I’m easily amused. I love cover songs, good, bad, and/or clever.

I’m addicted to painting bicycle frames. I can’t wait to re-paint my 29er and my road bike, because in their current trim, they’re not nearly as pretty as they could be. For the record, the planned paint jobs are going to be metalflake electric blue and lime green with pink panels, respectively. The current colors are flat brown and navy blue, respectively.

Outside of a probably excessive quantity of cussing. I try to keep this site fairly PG rated. This is for my own comfort level as well as yours. Sometimes I will probably cross the lines more or less, but generally, you could read it at your office without fear of firing.

I moved my journal over from a combination of Diaryland and Livejournal hosting. I have a bunch of my old entries that used to have photos but now contain broken links in my “Drafts” queue. When I have the time and inclination, I will correct those broken images. If you find other fucked-up photo entries, let me know so I can fix them.

I really like the words “yak” and “armadillo.”

My site is #1 on Google for the search “quit academia” from a flippant post about St. Eadmond and #3 on Google for searches involving the search string, “cheeky jeans.” People also find the site on a disturbingly frequent basis while consulting Dr. Google and Nurse Yahoo regarding one side of their heads hurting. This is because I blogged about a mystery pain on one side of my head which turned out to be caused by an earwax issue. This is very gross, but not medically dangerous. However, if one side of your head hurts, don’t read my blog, go to a real doctor. This has been a Public Service Announcement.

Photo from the Talk Like A Pirate/Ride The Plank Critical Mass 9-29-07. Yrs. Trly. w/ artificial moustache.

It has beem brought to my attention that there’s no way to e-mail me from this page, so now is the time that I will correct that.  If you want to e-mail me, feel free to write to michelle.davis.1977 @ gmail.com  Of course you’ll need to knock out those spaces on either side of the @.

8 Responses to “About”

  1. Alex Mansfield says:

    Hi! I’m trying to figure out if you are the Michelle that I knew in York (1999/2000)? I lost contact with you almost straight away, but I’d love to get back in touch if you want to…
    If you’re not the Michelle I knew (hard to tell with the much shorter hair) then I apologise profusely for leaving random comments on your website!

  2. meetzorp says:

    Yes, I am that same Michelle, and yes, I’d love to get back in touch with you. I often wonder what you’ve been up do and how you’ve been doing. I’ll send you a proper e-mail and we can start catching up. Ridiculous that it’s been nearly a decade already, isn’t it? It doesn’t seem like so very long ago, but there it is.

  3. lottiebelle says:

    Just joined earthriders. Was trying to get back to Earthgirls and lost the trail (happens often, on-line and other places…)
    Do you go to Taco Tuesdays? Do you recommend it?
    i rode by accident with some girls at Lawrence, Ks river trails years back. They were comfortable to hang with and had some riding tips etc., so I thought i was joining earthgirls. I am so old compared to probably most of the riders, but young at heart. don’t want to keep you too long just hoping for more info about Earthgirls. I must say I am impressed with your domestic goddess skills esp. the sewing. I want to tackle making slipcovers. My grandmother lived with our family for years and was a seamstress by trade. She made great slipcovers and many other things. I own a sewing machine and can sew in a line so far. A little more about me since i have no website: My mom was a fanatical “you’re going to have a career and not be a housewife like me”, like you have to pick one or the other anymore, so never was allowed to take home economics or fun stuff, but turned out to be an artist anyway and like anything creative or also anything to do with animals. I volunteer at operation wildlife and besides being in the woods, is my happiest time. thanks!

  4. SE Carter says:

    You commented on my Flickr photo of Ruby, so I pulled up your flickr photos.

    I saw Kansas City. Urban Kansas City. Like new photos of older stuff.

    My dad was born in Kansas City in 1918. My grandfather had a drug store there.

    I also have photos of some of those “victorian homes,” but the photos are antique and the Victorians aren’t.

    I know nothing about KC, and hate to just have the photos wasting away in a closet. Any ideas on how to use them? Who might be interested in them? I can scan and upload with the best!

    Sara Carter

  5. Hello Meetzorp, I would like to get in touch with you regarding someone you identified as Neva Lutsey in one of your antique b&w images posted on your account. Hope to hear from you. Thanks.

  6. Meetzorp says:

    I’ve been trying to e-mail you and it keeps bouncing back, so I will have to reply this way:

    I don’t have a lot of info…I scanned some pictures from the Dawes County Museum in Chadron, NE about a decade ago. There were a handful of photos from circa 1910 of her and some of her friends (one of her friends was a girl named Sadie Peck. (I assume her given name was Sarah)

    I was able to identify Ms. Lutsey & Ms. Peck because they were also alumnae of Chadron Normal School (now Chadron State College) and I’d seen them in the first yearbook, from 1912.

    I’d advise you to contact the Dawes County Museum sometime and see if you can get copies of some of their photo collection. I think there are probably other pictures that you might be interested in, as well as a fair depth of genealogical information. Their contact information is on the following link:


    If she still volunteers there, Belle Lecher is a wonderful lady and an astonishing source of local-history information. If you talk to her, tell her that Michelle Davis, who volunteered with the antique clothing collection said “hi!”

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  7. elaine robinson says:

    I ran across your site whilst searching for a pic of my childhood bike – now classified as vintage…ahem.. , nonetheless,
    have really enjoyed reading your postings, you’ve made a Memorial Day evening spent mostly dreading to return to work, into a laugh out loud evening. And what a good writer, you are, espcially enjoyed the article about sexism in toys with the little girl spouting she has been tricked into liking princesses. You expressed my thoughts exactly.
    Best wishes, Elaine

  8. Meetzorp says:

    Thank you! I am glad to have provided a bit of amusement. I appreciate the kind words. I will try to post a bit more frequently once again. My husband and I have been up to our earholes in home renovations and when I’m not scraping plaster dust off my hide, I’m inclined to sleep or watch silly movies to undwind.

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