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1.  Lore Sjöberg’s how-to article on having a Livejournal blog.  You may remember Sjöberg from The Brunching Shuttlecocks, or from his current site, Bad Gods and/or  Slumbering Lungfish.

2.   As you may know, I went and got a degree in Medieval Studies almost 8 years ago, and I’ve finally recovered enough from my MA to have a sense of humor about it all.  That is why Geoffrey Chaucer’s Blog has been tickling me mightily.  For instance, the feature on Paris Hilton should not be missed.  “She’s yonge, she’s sexie, she’s riche: Interviewe wyth Parys

3.  Cyclecide – They make weird bikes out of other weird bikes, paint things festively, and get drunk.  These are the kind of folks I like to know.  More big fun from the gang.  Check out their Press Kit while you are at it.

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