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Am I EVER annoyed!

Oh yes, I am ever and ever so annoyed!

Still no bank card.  Once again, the fucking thing was returned without notice.  I just happened to be so lucky as to get to the bank just before closing to learn this.  Apparently, they are going to hold it at the office for me.  The department which deals with such things was closed for the day, but supposedly they will hold the card and I can pick it up on Monday.

I’ll neither be placing any bets nor be holding my breath on account of that promise.

At this point I have very little confidence of seeing that bank card in the near future.  If I do manage to receive it on Monday, I will be pleasantly surprised.  If I don’t receive it, however, I will be changing banks pretty much on the spot.

This is fucking ridiculous and I am just fed the fuck up.

What a pain in the ass!

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  1. Meg says:

    Ditch that bank!! Ridiculous. There are plenty more of them out there. 😉

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