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Call it a wash

Well, I guess events of today could be classified as The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

1. Good: I finally got my bank card. Woo! I probably won’t switch banks super-soon, since it would be an ENORMOUS pain in the ass. More so than going a month without a bank card.

2. Bad: I was pretty much stuck in front of my computer at work all day long, which makes for a VERY long day. It also makes for a horrible crick in the neck and a nagging headache since my cubicle is set up horribly and it’s dimly lit in that part of the building. I can’t seem to come up with a good way to set up my work computer so that people can’t sneak up on me (I startle easily, especially when I am engrossed in wrangling with Adobe Illustrator, which is often). There are some companies who have an ergonomics expert on staff who can go around and help employees set up their workstations for optimal comfort and ease-of-use. I wish I could get somebody like that to swing by my desk and help me out. On the bright side, I managed to meet the surprise deadlines that I discovered this morning, so I feel pretty spanky about that.

3. Ugly: On Saturday some jackass dumped an old mattress out in front of my house. Seriously. An old, nasty, stained, bowed, flubbery, hideously-floral mattress which is probably crawling with vermin and bodily effluvia is lying in a depressing heap in the street in front of my house. Because there’s no car out in front of my house, I guess some lout decided that was a decent place to bung out their pestilent old mattress. So. Fucking. Disgusting. Bunch of savages in this town.

So yesterday I was going to call the Bulky Item Collection team at the sanitation department to come and collect this horrible thing. Unfortunately, I got caught up in projects, meetings, and just plain stuff, and didn’t get the call in then. I figured I’d better call in today, just in case one of my neighbors got up the gumption to stop dumping garbage out in front of their own houses and call in to complain about the mattress in front of my house. Seriously, I overestimated my neighbors. I doubt anyone actually noticed, since the rest of the block is so trashy. The woman at the call center let me know that nobody else had called in about the mattress, so I guess I’m not going to get ticketed for somebody else’s trash. Thank goodness.

So, there you have it. It sucked that I had a crunch at work, but rocked that I was able to get everything caught up and in good order. It was great that I finally have my banking stuff straightened out. And it was rifuckingdiculous that somebody dumped an old mattress in front of my house, but it’s great that I won’t be getting it trouble for it, and that somebody will be coming soon to remove it. I think this qualifies as a wash.

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