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You know…now that I’ve almost recovered from my last disastrous hair experiment, I want to try having a perm.

I know, I know…a perm? But I never had one back in the day, because back in the day I was ridiculously vain about my godawful ass-length hair and was afraid that a perm would wreck it.

I know, right?

Anyway, I won’t be doing this until after we get back from the tour and I get a new job and all (don’t want to go to an interview looking like a fried rat if the perm malfunctions). The stuff I want to try is a short term perm that’s basically a coating that stiffens the hair into the curl shape and lasts (they say) for around 20 washings. So basically I’d have curls for a month, give-or-take, and I’m sure it relaxes quite a bit toward the end of the run.

I think I want to re-visit the insane-but-fun Little Orphan Annie hairdo I unintentionally sported for Audrey and Matt’s wedding. It sure wasn’t what I had in mind for that occasion, but it was still a pretty fun ‘do. I wouldn’t mind rocking the crazy curls for a while.

5 Responses to “I really want to try this”

  1. planetmort says:

    I kind of like that pixie cut! You seem to be able to rock any hairstyle, frankly. How did you get those tight curls sans perm, anyway? Small rod curlers?

  2. jagosaurus says:

    I think the Little Orphan Annie thing works for you. That almost never happens for anyone, you know.

    I haven’t had a perm in 20 years and I’m okay with that.

  3. themis says:

    I permed my hair just last year! I have no hair fear, frankly, I have total trust in my stylist.

    I would have come out perfectly if she’d believed me when I told her my hair holds curls forever and a day. She wanted the next-to-largest rollers; I wanted a mix of those and the largest to really deregulate the curl. She thought the curl would just drop out if she used the largest. Nope.

    It was so fucking nice to wash my hair and toss on a headband and look pretty all day, having spent five whole minutes to get out the door. I can’t even tell you.

  4. badverb says:

    You look quite fetching with that mop of curls! Go for it, have no fear — it’s adorable!

    I wish my curls were that tight. As they are it’s tricky to style, because if I am not careful I get little horns everywhere.

  5. meetzorp says:

    Thank you for the encouragement! I will probably give this a try after we get back and I get all employed once again.

    planetmort I used small size foam rollers and rolled ’em tight! A little too tight, in fact.

    themis That’s exactly what I’m looking for…nearly no-maintenance hair. Although I’ve already pretty much got that with my almost-a-bob thing I’ve got right now. Only it doesn’t look very cute.

    I think I can work kind of silly hairstyles because I’m kind of silly looking to start with and am happy to just roll with that.

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