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My cat looks like an owl

Griswald An Owl
Big, pointy ears Big pointy tufts that look like ears
Large yellow eyes Large yellow eyes
Shaped like a small tree stump Shaped like a small tree stump
Surprisingly loud, yet squeaky voice Surprisingly loud, resonant voice
Is hell on mice Hell on mice even moreso
Gallumphs through the house occasionally running into walls & furniture Swoops soundlessly through the night sky in order to take prey by surprise
Regurgitates wads of own fur Regurgatites wads of mouse fur & bones.
Covered in puffy, soft fur that shows up on everything Covered in sleek, grey-mottled feathers to blend in with surrroundings

So, Griswald is only like an owl in rather superficial ways…big eyes & ears, regurgitation, and an affinity for the consumption of mice. Somehow, the majesty of a Great Horned Owl’s hoot doesn’t translate into this voice.

2 Responses to “Ways In Which Griswald Is Like An Owl”

  1. SewDucky says:

    ROFL, he certainly looks proud of himself!

  2. meetzorp says:

    It’s hard to say if he is or isn’t, but he does tend to give that impression initially.

    It’s only when you get to know him and realize how big of a doofus he is that you learn that the regal air he projects is all a front.

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