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New Brown Corduroy Jeans, originally uploaded by Meetzorp.

I needed the scrap fabric from these pants to make into hats, but in order to get the scrap fabric, I needed to cut out the pants first! After I cut them out, it seemed dumb to just shelve them, so I went ahead and made myself a new pair of jeans-style corduroys.

Vogue 7481 makes a pair low-waisted, boot-cut jeans. I modified the pattern to accommodate my cyclist-thighs and to compensate for using a fabric w/o stretch. The pattern was sized for stretch denim, so I added about 1/2″ of extra ease, besides the extra 1.5″ through the thighs. I also added back pockets (the pattern didn’t come with back pockets) and deepened the hip pockets in front, which were originally merely ornamental.

I didn’t really need another pair of brown cords, since I have those Lands End ones I got in Charleston, but at the same time, I can always use them. I wear so much brown, and these are a different shade (much, much darker…espresso vs. chocolate). Plus these are more fitted. They do fabulous things for my butt, and actually make my legs look slenderish, which is barely short of miraculous.

New Brown Corduroy Jeans

I’ll be making a few more pair in the same stretch denim that I made my old-favorite jeans out of (the ones that now have daisy patches on the butt ’cause I wore them out!). They weather well and end up looking like something one might buy for $200 on the Plaza.

My favorite pair of home-made jeans My favorite pair of home-made jeans

3 Responses to “Brown is my signature color!”

  1. Julie Stark says:

    Those pants look fabulous on you! You did a great job. Ya know though, it’s ok to smile in your pictures ; )

  2. meetzorp says:

    I’m not very good at smiling for the camera. I was more interested in getting a photo of my jeans…who cares about the mug?!?!

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