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Bring it on!

Well, I’m officially ready for winter, wardrobe-wise anyway.

I put up all of my warm-weather clothes and got out the cold-weather stuff. I also just finished up my new winter coat, so I guess I’m braced for the inevitable:

As you can see, boy-howdy, is it ever purple and plaid. It’s a pretty significant departure from my usual style, being purple and bulky, but you know…free fabric speaks pretty loudly, and the quantity (and style) of fabric lent itself to a particular vintage pea-coat-inspired jacket pattern I already had on hand.

It’s an old Butterick that had been one that Grandma had made up for my mom when she was in highschool. I’ll have to ask Mom what her coat had been made out of.

I changed it up a bit…I added side-seam pockets and a half-belt in back to give it just a little bit of shape. I also added a quilted inner-lining because I wanted this to be a honest-to-goodess coat.

I did bound buttonholes ’cause I’m basically a masochist.

IMG_0671 IMG_0670 IMG_0669
Click on any of these for a larger view. I call my style of machine-quilting “short-attention-span” quilting…it meanders a lot. I joined satin and Thinsulate, and the outer shell is heavy wool, so this ought to be a very warm jacket.

Here’s the back of it, for kicks.

That’s all folks. One big ol’ purple plaid peacoat (and a weird, squashy little hat that I described to my sister as looking like the demented love-child of a beanie and a beret).

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  1. SewDucky says:

    Once again I have to compliment you on the plaid matching. I know you’re anal about it, but that takes work and it looks perfect.

    As a free fabric getter, I know what you mean, but I like loud fabrics, and buy them for myself, and I like this coat. Hell I WANT your coat! Love the quilting, it looks really cool on my screen.

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