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Until next year

Hah!  They *don't* actually hate each other!
$110.00 and a gruesome car ride behind me, both cats are vaccinated for another year. Bonus purchase of flea treatments all around, as Ruby has managed to bring in a late-season infestation of fleas.

Ruby’s vaccinations took place back in August. The cats were due last month, but I was too broke, so it had to happen now. I don’t like delaying stuff like that, but you know how it goes.

Griswald is SUCH a piteous drama queen in the car. Ugh. All the way there and back, he was meeeryoooooowaaawawawaaaooool-ing in such a way that you’d think he was being eviscerated repeatedly and continually. I’m seriously considering calling in the services of the Mobile Vet next year when vaccination time rolls around again. It may well be worth the extra $$$ to not have to endure yet another drive with Mr. Howly-Guts again.

At least he didn’t wet himself again this year.

Last year (and also when we moved him from my old house to here) he pissed all over himself and the carrier in transit. So not only did he suffer the indignity and trauma of a car ride, he got to suffer the indignity and trauma of a bath. Both times I was surprised and thankful that he didn’t up and give himself a heart attack after it was all over.

Anyway, the cats got a clean bill of health. A little chubby, but they have maintained, to the ounce, the weights they clocked in at last year, and the vet was happy enough with that, though he said it would be better if each of them was at least a pound if not two pounds lighter. I’m still working on that one, but they really seem to have plateaued, and if they’re basically “okay” at their current weights, I am not going to sweat a lot over their diets.

They act like this (or worse) twice a day, every day. They really LOVE their food.

4 Responses to “Until next year”

  1. planetmort says:

    I ended up buying a dog sized carrier for my pisser and put a small plastic pan in there (secured with duct tape) and cat litter. She would use the litter if she had the option, and therefore no bath was needed.

    Anyway, it’s an option.

  2. Glinda says:

    I love that Ruby is so well-behaved and patient! Any dog I’ve ever been around LOVED cat food and was crazy to put their face in it at ANY opportunity! Adorable pets. Fred only starts complaining if the dish is empty. You put some food in, and she looks at it as if to say, “Well, that’s better.” And then she walks away. Diva.

  3. Meetzorp says:

    It’s an idea…but it’s not so much a need to pee, but rather that the piss is scared right out of him. I don’t know that he retains the presence of mind to use a litter tray!

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  4. Meetzorp says:

    Ruby is that patient only because we keep a hawk eye on her while feeding is happening. If you turn your back, she tries to sneak in and muscle the cats away from their rightful dinners. She’s an angel if she thinks you are watching though, as she is a very eager-to-please sort of dog.

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