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I had a really good dinner tonight. It was another festival of garbanzo beans (I’ve really been digging the garbanzo beans lately…also I keep trying to spell it been, and may just go ahead and end up doing that)

I had a sack of red lentils that needed to be used up, so I cooked them down as for dhal but I accidentally made it a little runny, so I cooked it down longer until it had the consistency of gravy. Then I seasoned it with a packet of Parampara Biryani Mix (which is DELICIOUSSSSS) and added a can of garbanzo beans and let the lot of it simmer for the suggested 15 minutes.

Because the quantity of dhal was excessive in relation to the contents of the spice packet, I had to add two teaspoons of salt and a tablespoon of lemon juice, but the finished flavor is really good. The fragrant biryani spices mix well with the slightly sweet lentils and the earthy garbanzo beans.

I had some on basmati rice, and will be taking this for my lunch for the next couple of days.

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