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The picture of comfort

Minnie is really into taking naps. It’s pretty much her favorite thing.

At 11, she is finally mellowing out. After several years of being intentionally kind to her, whether or not she wanted him to, Joel has broken through her nasty attitude, and discovered the sweet, cuddly cat within. In the past couple of years, her behavior has really turned around and she’s a pretty sweet creature nowadays. She is a snuggler! And since she is a cat possessed of the most delightful, silky fur, it is a treat now that she wants to sit on your lap, or lean up against you while you’re laying in bed reading.

I took these pictures just before I went to take a nap, myself. Minnie “shared” my naptime with me.

Kitty toes!

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  1. julie says:

    That is just awesome. And these pics make me wanna cuddle with her too!

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