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I have no excuse other than lazy bastardry. I started this coat only just shy of two months ago. What should have taken maybe two or three saturdays took…well…longer. Mostly because I wasn’t working on it. I got bored of this project about halfway through, and it sat in a box in my sewing room with no lining for the entirety of October. Now, here it is in all its plaidly glory…my new, brown, 100% wool winter coat.

Why yes, I do believe that it is brown. I seriously doubt anyone who has read this blog much, seen my sewing posts, or knows me in person is even a tiny, little bit surprised.

Plaid matching carried ’round the back. This was a damn nuisance I do not mind telling you!

My plaid matching efforts went by the wayside with the lining - I had honestly ceased to care by this point.
That’ll be why the lining looks like this. Because I honestly ceased to give even a hint of a shit by the time it came around to cutting it out. So long as it wasn’t off grain, that was good enough for me.

What have we here?

In seam pockets, of course!

This coat was made using Vogue’s V8346 pattern, View A, with modifications. I cut the sleeves a little fuller to accommodate the inevitable layers of sweaters that I will definitely wear as winter worsens. I also increased the number of buttons and made actual buttonholes, instead of stitching buttons on the outside and snaps on the inside. That seems like a really stupid way to fasten a coat and I was having no part in such shenanigans.

I built this coat to last. The seams are reinforced with tape, the seam allowances are zig-zagged, the buttonholes are stitched as closely as the old Singer will allow. The whole thing is made of dense and durable wool, and I expect to get just under a decade’s use out of it. When comes the time to replace it, I may use this pattern again, but cut View B next time, which comes to just above knee length.

2 Responses to “FINALLY finished…my new winter coat!”

  1. Nellig says:

    Nice! And also, Wow!

  2. Meetzorp says:

    Thank you! It was a lot of work and kind of a pain in the arse, but it’s done now, and I wore it today – it worked out pretty well!

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