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IMG_0315 by Meetzorp
IMG_0315, a photo by Meetzorp on Flickr.

Two vintage patterns and vintage plaid flannel should combine to create a really cute outerwear set.

I’m not really a “cape girl,” but for a Tweed Ride, I’d make an exception. Especially if I made the cape with this 1967 Simplicity pattern and could eke a coordinating hat out of the scrap with this Vogue of the same era.

I got inspired by The Slapdash Sewist and her friend Cidell who both used a certain Burda pattern to make capes to wear for the DC Tweed ride.

Now I have a personal and abiding dislike of Burda patterns, which have the most obtuse instructions known to mortal man, but I looked at their capes and realized that, heck, I have something very, very like that in my own library!

Simplicity 7262 fron 1967. Moreover, I have a great old hat pattern from Vogue from the same era, and it could combine to make a charmingly Sherlock-Holmesey getup, if everything spaces out all right.

It’ll be a good 7-8 months until the next Tweed Ride here in KC, but that doesn’t necessarily deter me. I could and possibly will find excuses to wear this getup just because. It’ll be wool and plaid and green and vintagey and chic. “Why the hell not?” I ask.

2 Responses to “Pending project – for the next Tweed Ride, maybe?”

  1. Cidell says:

    Oh, best of luck! I wish I’d had time to make a hat too and the patience to work with plaid. Will be supercute!

  2. Meetzorp says:

    Thank you! I’m pretty excited about this project. Completely frivolous in every way, but still fun.

    I’ve been looking back through some of your earlier posts, and you are one heck of a craftswoman, and you have a real flair for color. You’ve built up a pretty darn impressive wardrobe by your own efforts. Kudos to you!

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