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Thinkin’ Pink

A while back this fabric was on sale for half price. I impulse-bought two yards, with the intention to make a dress. It turns out I didn’t buy quite enough fabric for the pattern I’d originally intended to make up, but I did, in fact, buy exactly the perfect amount to make this:


I used the ever-reliable New Look 6674, which has yielded consistently good results for me for many a dress. It works equally well for very casual or very dressy.

I think today’s dress is a reasonable midway point and I expect to wear it to work many, many times.

The fabric is very, very sheer, being a rather lacey textured knit. I will be wearing this dress over a neutral beige slip which is disturbingly close to my natural skin-tone!

Surprisingly, this fabric it is not very stretchy, and made up very well in this very structured style, but it sits better around the neck and across the bust than the woven cottons I have principally used with this pattern. I think future iterations of this pattern are going to be made up in ITY jersey or similar. The drape of a knit makes the neckline lay much better across the bust.

The 100% Polyester fabric has some sheen to it, as does the nylon/spandex slip, so when shot with flash exposure, the dress looks glossier than it does under normal daylight or artificial light.

It is probably a feature of the calibration of my monitor, but I was expecting this fabric to be of a more coral/orangey tone, but it is very, very pink. Also, what they described as “maize” I would be more inclined to term “chartreuse.” It is a very bright, light green, but since I ADORE pink and green together, I’m actually quite satisfied with it after all.  

As far as technical specs go, I followed the pattern pretty closely, except:

  • I lengthened the cap sleeves by 2″.  I have kind of wide shoulders and look crappy in cap sleeves, but a short sleeve is fine and encouraged.
  • I cut a little bit more flare into the skirt.  I like a skirt that swings.  I probably increased the hem width by about 5″ and just graded it in toward the hip.
  • I eliminated the facing at the neck and bodice fronts, because I thought it would show through the sheer fabric.  The neck and bodice fronts are finished with pink stretch lace, as are the hems of the sleeves.

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