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The past couple of days, they’ve been doing some major sewer work on the intersection right out in front of the office and today, apparently the work crew had an oopsie or two.

Mid-morning, we got an e-mail stating that effective immediately, the water was shut off to the building. Porta-Potties were on order, and until then we were warned not to use the toilets. At noon, the bulk of my co-workers went down the street to get lunch and use the restrooms at a nearby restaurant. While they were out, the big boss came into the Secretarial Cave and first asked, “where is everybody,” and then informed me to let them know the building would be closing for the day at 1:45, that the whole building’s power was going to have to be shut off while repairs were made. Apparently, when the work crew cut the water main, it caused a leak in the basement of our building, and it damaged some of the electrical equipment.

So, the upshot of it was that I had the afternoon free to spend in any manner I saw fit. What I did was take a nap, take a two hour bike ride, spend another hour playing in the garden (planting the tiger lilies that Mom gave me, and general maintenance), and I intend to wind up the rest of the evening baking cookies, to celebrate the fact that it’s not blazing-ass hot, and also in a blatant attempt to make a good early-days impression on my new co-workers.

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