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So, I re-read a few early entries (and do they ever bite!) and realized that because of my sporadic writing a lot has passed since MArch, some of which may be significant to the intelligibility of my current entries.

1. We moved house. So, no more hollering crackhead neighbors. No more barking dogs downstairs. We now have consistent hot water, good ventilation, adequate daylight, a nice kitchen, and I have a sewing room.

2. We bought a car, so no more bitching about how bloody much the Scirocco sucks.

3. Pursuant to items 1 & 2, Todd found a job. Sure the hours are weird (it is a ngiht shift) and it is physically taxing, he likes it well enough, it pays okay, and DAAAAMN, he's in awesome physical shape.

4. I brought home a shedload of starter plants at the start of summer. I am getting a pretty good jungle. I also just got some tiny, baby succulents, which are doing nicely. The cat likes to eat the pilea, the aloe, and the spider plant.

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