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I am disgustingly broke, stressed out, tired, don’t wanna go to work tomorrow, packing up in preparation for the move, depressed, and developing an ingrown toenail.

Somebody call the waaaah-mbulence.

We got socked for a $900 tax bill this year because I didn’t have enough withheld, and it is very depressing because this is like a paycheck and a half. On top of that avalanche add some very pricy, ongoing medical bills, plus we have to buy a fridge.

Yeah, we got into the house-buying adventure BEFORE we discovered the hideous tax bill and before the medical bills came into being. We’ll get by and all, but it is more dipping into my savings account, which never seems to get a chance to get replenished.

By the time we close on the house and buy the thrice-damned fridge, I am going to be utterly tapped out. So the talk of painting the kitchen, repairing the garage, and finishing the resto on my car? All purely debatable at this point in time.

You cannot believe how much I am hoping Todd gets the job he applied for with the water department. He is so beat up from his job at FedEx, and still isn’t really getting that great of hours. The night shift is practically inhuman, and I feel horribly for him because he is so miserable. At the same time, I hate my job so desperately. Every day feels like I am holding my breath from 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. I have GOT to find a different job, but as yet, I can’t seem to turn up anything any better, and working for the city as a phone-answering deskmonkey? It is not a good job.

FUCK I hate my degrees. I worked my ass off to get good marks in college, I schlepped through a dire MA program, and all I can do with my life is be a fucking Customer Service Rep? What a waste of time. I can’t even get a damn teaching job–KCMO school district doesn’t have any job openings for full time English teachers, and I need a steady job. Subbing would probably not cut the mustard. Besides I think I would hate teaching. I hate people, hence why I hate my job.

I need a fulltime gig that pays at least $11/hour and doesn’t involve constant contact with the public. Any suggestions?

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