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Weird dream:

In my waking life, my daily, paying job is working as a receptionist in a busy municipal office. This office, being the Department of Codes, is frequently confused with other City offices, since people hear the word “Codes” and assume we handle everything to do with any kind of city law. We don't. The main purpose of the Codes department is to inspect buildings that are being built or renovated to be sure that the work conforms to the current building code standards. We also do a little bit of work regulating zoning issues and stopping people from doing construction work without permits, though it is another department entirely which determines zoning rules.

So, I work in an office that most of the public thinks does something other than what it does. And I have this bizarre dream, that somebody who has a vendetta against Public Works–Streets & Traffic Division has been stealing traffic lights all over the city and shipping them to my office with increasingly rude notes. I try to contact Public Works to retrieve the traffic lights, but they insist that a police report needs to be filed first, so I call the cops, and they tell me they don't handle theft of public property

(Folks, go ahead and play along with my dream–nothing here is logical or makes sense, and I am sure that if, in real, awake life, I had a stack of Traffic Lights behind my desk, Public Works would send over a hand-truck to pick them up, post haste, and the police department would help me file hundreds of reports, should they be needed–anyhow, back to the dream).

But I digress.

So, the traffic lights keep coming, and I am stuck between beaurocratic logjams that prevent my being able to re-route the traffic lights to the appropriate authority, so they stack up in my cubicle like cordwood, until finally, they come up to the ceiling and block out the window, and I have to enter and exit from my cubicle by leaping over the lower front counter area, Dukes-of-Hazzard style.

And because this is a dream, the disembodied traffic lights still cycle through their green-yellow-red phases, but since there are literally hundreds of them, my office space looks like a slow-moving, mostly-primary-colored discotheque.

I am sorely disappointed this dream didn't come with an electro-trance soundtrack. Now that I am awake, I realize how appropriate this would have been.

Some people believe firmly in dream analysis and the symbolism of dreams. Does anyone want to read this dream for me? Because all I am getting from it is the blitheringly obvious interpretation that I need a damn vacation.

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