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I never seem to have one thing go wrong, I have a whole avalanche of “oh shit” descend upon me. Moreover the reverse applies. Today, I forgot my lunch, had no money on me, yet to my great delight and surprise, the boss decided today was the day to buy her crew pizza for lunch. Pizza! I love pizza, especially Pizza I don’t have to make or pay for, myself. She even had one of them made with vegetarian-only toppings on half! Wheeee!

This sort of food-related serendipity has happened to me several times recently, and for which I have been as gratefully ravenous as the average dog upon discovering an unsupervised hamburger. One day, one of the inspectors brought in bagels for everyone. Another guy brought in a huge bucket of surplus strawberries from his garden. I need to do my part and come up with some sort of goodies to bring in one of these days. The main thing hindering me is not so much the spirit of generosity as the difficulties of transporting food from home to work in my backpack on bicycle. Maybe when I succumb to public transport come autumn, I’ll bake a triple batch of disgustingly healthy apple muffins and share with sundry colleagues.

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