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I had the day off today

1. I was out doing some errand running. I came across a CD by Uncle Cuckleburr’s Champion Possum Carvers and while I didn’t buy it today, I may go back and get it this weekend.

2. I met a Maltese dog today who was so cute and charming. She was obviously well socialized and well-brought-up. She belongs to the woman who runs the perfume shop down on the Plaza. Frequently people who have toy breeds of dogs don’t see fit to train and socialize their dogs properly, resulting in a pesty, nippy, yappy, irritating dog, but this lady had done really well by her little dog.

Mom’s little dog, Natasha Ursula Peepot Barkowitz Davis III, otherwise known as Tasha, or Mutt-tzu. She’s a Peke-a-poo! Ain’t she cute? She’s basically a perambulating dustmop, and really a fun, sweet little critter.

4. Had an unpleasant aggressive-driver experience earlier today. I had to slam on the brakes to avoid t-boning a woman who had pulled out without looking, and the guy behind me nearly rear-ended me. The first woman pulled back into the parking lot she was pulling out of, and I went on my way to the stop-sign at the intersection. It’s this weird angular cross-street, where you can’t see clear if somebody is in the left-hand turn lane, which somebody was, and was being poky about turning. So I couldn’t see to pull straight through the intersection, and didn’t want to become a T-bone myself. So, I waited for the guy next to me to turn, so I could see clear. Well, the dude who had nearly rear-ended me in the first incident was impatient to wait, and started gunning his engine. Rrrrrrrrmm……rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmm……rrrrrrrrmmmmmmmrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmm Over and over and over he kept revving up. Seeing as he was driving a 12-year-old Chevy Beretta, I was sitting there and praying for him to drop a rod. I’d have laughed myself sick. Anyhow, the guy beside me finally sacked up and took his left turn. I had to wait for a chain of about six cars coming the other way, then I was free to get through the intersection. Well, I hot-footed it through the intersection (the little Beetle’s got good take-off), and the guy blasted through behind me, so close I could have been dragging him along on a tow-rope. I had to take a quick right to go into a parking lot not far away from the intersection, and so I turned, and he slowed waaaay down, and acted like he was going to follow me.

Some people are way fucking strange. Once I got into the store, I waited in the vestibule looking out the window, to be sure he didn’t come back and key my car or something.

5. I re-dyed those chocolate-brown corduroy cargoes that I had gotten bleach on, and it worked pretty well. You can still see the bleached spot a little, but it is not real obvious. I also went and dyed a tee-shirt I didn’t like very well and a pair of oatmeal-colored cords that always showed every bit of anything that I ever got on them. Some of us just weren’t cut out to wear light-colored clothing. So now I have two pair of chocolate brown cords…the baggy cargoes and the slimmer, boot-cut, bluejean-style ones. I pondered dyeing the skirt I had made out of scrap from the oatmeal-colored pair, but didn’t. I might do it later, but with a different dye mix, to get a rust color.

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