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I went for a somewhat more 1950s look overall today.

Please excuse the facial expression in this first picture; it was 5:00 a.m. as I have to be at work at 6:00 a.m. this week!


Right-hand side, showing clip used to anchor the roll/pouf.

left-side and sharp part. I like to have nice, straight parts if at all possible.

I realized eventually that I'd look a little better with some nice, red lipstick on. Avon 24-hour Red. Replaces the no-longer available Estee Lauder 24-hour Red Peppers.

I just liked this picture…the color actually looks nice in this one. I seriously need to re-do my henna. My roots are fierce! Red nailpolish.

Same hairdo, 12 hours later. Gravity and humidity took some toll, but there was plenty of curl left to go around.

Oh, and I wore a vintage dress today, too. It is about two sizes too big, so I wear a belt and just keep re-tucking the bodice in so it doesn't look too bunchy. I don't look that chic or graceful in a lot of these pictures.

I was going for circa 1955 J. C. Penny Catalogue model with this pose. Note my favorite character shoes; my only pair of girly footwear. The bodice was being bunchy :/

I'm rather fond of this pose. Getting good mileage out of my not-inconsiderable booty.

Check out those Rosie the Riveter arms! I totally need to cosplay her someday.

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