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Fashion-forward Griswald examines upcoming trends and confirms that black “is the new black.” Expanding upon the trend, he predicts that Michelle will soon have a kilt-pleated skirt trimmed around the hem and on the hipline yoke with soft black tulle and embellished with a light flocking of cat-hair.

–“the new black”

Why can’t they say, “Green looks set to be extra-fashionable this year. Mossy greens will predominate throught the fall/winter season, while crisp, minty greens are sure to be on the best-dressed must-have list in the springtime.” Or “It’s easy being green: Vogue Magazine examines the color of springtime. Everyone with an eye on the top trends knows that green is the color to wear. Tints and tones of this must-have hue are available to flatter any skintone, so all would-be trendsetters should be able to indulge in a few choice, new pieces this season”

There are much more interesting and exciting ways to promote the “in colors” for a season than saying “it is the new black.” Fie on that. Black is black, and nothing can supplant it! However, popular colors come and go, and those of us who like a given color wait and hope for its revival. I was mad happy when orange was slated to be the top color to wear.

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