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So. I had the day off, due to being a government employee and today being MLK Jr. Remembrance Day, so I thought, since I have the day off, I’d take the car up to the dealership for an oil change and some service crap. Ka-ching. Checking account $208.61 lighter. Fuckers. But that’s not the problem. I was expecting it. Those pennylifting ratbastards never let me in and out of there for less than $200. Therefore I am not going to the dealership anymore. Damn car isn’t under warranty anymore anyhow so I can take it to whomever the fuck I please. Vee Village, y’all have me back.

No, the thing that’s got me madder than a broody hen in a rainstorm is the fact that our car is so fucking fragile that it gets expensive damage in the course of ordinary driving, and manages to cost us about $1,000 every 6 months. Dude, we got the goddam fucking bastard piece of shit new car so as to AVOID regularly scheduled ass-rapings of the repair-kind.

The latest is the radiator core mount. According to the dickweasels at the dealership service center, it is cracked. And will cost $845 to repair. Ummmmkay. Todd’s taking it to Vee Village after work on Wednesday to see what they have to say about it. Unless they plan on charging us more than the dealership, they’ve got the job. They always did a bang-up job of ressurrecting the horrible Scirocco back to quasi-driveability, and they were very respectful of my grand dame of a 1959.

But anyhow, anybody thinking of getting a New Beetle, ’cause they’re so cute…well think really hard, because they’re disturbingly fragile little bastards.

When we get this damn car paid off, I’m putting an aftermarket lift kit on it. Nothing monster-truck-like, but I’d sure feel a lot better about driving a car that has more than 4″ of ground clearance.

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