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Years ago, before the Internet connected so many of us, and before I knew such a literary genre as “fan fiction” existed, my best friend Kerri and I wrote fan fiction. Not only did we write fan fiction, we were 12 and 11, respectively, so rest assured it was terrible fan fiction. Worse yet, it was fan-fiction devoted to The Pound Puppies and (oh, the horror) Full House.

We didn't know what we were doing was writing fan-fiction. We thought we were going to write some new scripts for the shows and mail them to Hollywood and help effect the fates of our favorite characters!

To think, we wholeheartedly believed we could have an influencing hand in the careers of Bob Sagat and the Olsen Twins. Obviously absolute power corrupts absolutely, so it's just as well we never got that taint upon our lily-white young fingers.


I think I still have my notebook of Pound Puppies stories in my box of random crap that is still at my parents' house.

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