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Because I am insane

I tried on this jacket on Saturday, for shits and giggles, and my GAWD, I haven’t tried on anything so flattering since this one time I was trying on Betsey Johnson dresses for a lark and hit upon one which was disgustingly perfect.

I’ve totally got to make something like this for myself. Idiot that I am, I failed to note the designer’s name or doodle down a sketch in the dressing room, and thus have spent about 45 minutes Googling “blazer” “Women’s suit” “multicolor brocade jacket,” and eyeballing the ladies suits and jackets on a bunch of high-end department stores’ websites. I’ve saved about 15 different photos of suits I may want to make for myself. Yes, I know, I am a scoundrel, little better than a thief, and probably going to couturier-ripoff hell.

I’m really getting into suits these days. I’m finally getting old enough that I can wear a suit without feeling like I’m in grown-up drag.

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