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The weather continues crappy, soggy, and grey here, so I holed up in my sewing room most of the weekend and sewed. Thus, I have completed the last item in my “What Can I do with 1yd of Fancy Cotton Pique” project, and finished trying out an unmarked 1950s McCall pattern.

1. Pique:

Strawberry Shortcake Cheongsam-style dress, back, side, and front.

Detail photos of the neckline, buttons, and the trim around the hem. I put the lace on with large stitches so that I can remove it easily if I decide that it is a bit much.

2. Test-jacket.

Blue bolero/capelet/shrug thing from a early-mid 1950s McCall's sewing pattern. The pattern came to me without envelope or instructions, so it was like a jigsaw puzzle to me. This little jacket was a damn weird little pattern, too. Having 8 years of serious sewing behind me is the only thing that got me through this one. Here is the dress that I made using the rest of the pattern. It had two options, one for a straight skirt, which you see here, and one for a very full, pleated skirt. I am planning to make this whole thing up as a suit someday soon, in red-and-white gingham, possibly, with the midriff panel in solid red and the capey part of the jacket plain white, with red piping. It will be SO kitschy! Red-and-white bullseye buttons if I can manage it…

This looks really nasty, but here is the jacket over the dress. As you can see, the proportions are good, though I am sure it would look even better with the full, pleated skirt.

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