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My new suit

Front view.

Click the bitsy photos for the full image.

First off, here are the patterns I used:

Suit back. I added the half-belt to the design, as it was entirely too shapeless before. I think the belt makes it a lot cuter.

Jacket only

Collar back and front. Note how stripes are aligned on collar back. I was very pleased with this.

Front, side, and back views of the underdress that goes with the jacket. The pattern was modified to make the skirt a-line rather than pencil, because I cannot walk in pencil skirts, since I walk like a belligerent sailor.

Detail photos of the collar and back waistline. The zipper is a scavenge out of one of the first dresses I ever made, which was very ugly and never looked any good. First projects are very rarely very successful, Iit seems.

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