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I just got done scrubbing up my hands after having to do a detailed, amateur poo-nalysis on a cat turd. Griswald has been having some kind of bottom-system ittitation lately, and has been butt-scooting on the floor, which suggest either worms, anal-gland blockage, or something stuck in his ass-hair. I inspected his bum-fluff, and saw nothing shocking, so I decided to actually look at the cat-shit when I scooped the litter boxes tonight.

Poop. Poop. Poop. Some of it a little mushy, but nothing untoward…until. Ahhah! Suspicious white thingy.

I broke the turd open with an 8-penny nail, only to discover that the white thingy wasn’t a worm…it was a coiled up bit of plastic. I rinsed it off in the sink to discover it was probably the tamper-resistant seal off my newest bottle of B-complex vitamins. Meaning that one of the cats, probably Griz, since he’s the one with the irritated bum, filched the sealer-strip out of the trash, then, for some ungodly reason, ate it.

However, if he continues to nuzzle his butt obsessively and scooter it around on the floor, I’m hauling him and his irritated rectal oriface to the vet first thing on Saturday.

He’s otherwise acting perfectly normal and happy, so I am not horribly worried.

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