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Help me (mis)behave

So, my 10-year highschool reunion is fast upon me. *yay* *boo* *hiss* *snore* *chortle* *puke*

I’m not going, because I don’t want to, and because I’m spending all my vacation time in April to go visit my grandparents in California, whom I actually enjoy spending time around. Weigh spending time with people I love in California against spending time with people I didn’t really like that much in Nebraska, and you find it is a VERY easy choice.

But lo, they sent me a questionnaire they want back before 5-1-05, and I am tempted to send them the most interesting questionnaire they ever received back.

So, which looks better, 1 or 2, 1 or 2?

Year Graduated: 1995
Name Michelle (D.) K.–working alias, Petunia O’Grady
Occupation: International Madame of Mystery
Home Address: Petunia’s Garden of Exotic Flowers
e-mail address: pogrady@exoticgarden.com
Spouse: Spaceman Spiff
Children: Are you kidding me?

Fondest Memories in High School: “That one time, in the back of the track bus…”

Highlights since graduation: Winning an AVN for Best new director, for the erotic film “Whorticulture in a Garden of Delights.”

Opening my own house of considerable repute.

Year Graduated: 1995
Name: Michelle (D.) K.
Occupation: File Clerk (full time) dressmaker (in my own time)
Home Address: Our Address, KCMO 64etc
e-mail address: fahrvergnugen@mail.com
Spouse: Todd K.
Children: None

Fondest Memories of Highschool: Getting mightily stoned on graduation night.

Highlights since graduation: Enjoying college thoroughly, pursuing my MA in Medieval Studies at York University (York, N. Yorks. UK), moving to Kansas City and becoming homeowner of a charmingly disheveled bungalow, and volunteering with the Missouri Pitbull Rescue Group.

If anyone has anything funnier or more scandalous, let me know. I’m still deciding whether or not to play this shit straight.

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