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Taxes, schmaxes

Well, I finally parked my ass down and did my tax returns. Yesss, 11th hour, how I love your fevered brow!

So, we owe the IRS $33 and we’re getting $44 back from the state. Whoot.

I think we actually probably don’t owe the Fed anything, but I can’t figure out how to deduct the interest from our house loan, and I’m like, “fuck it.” In the grand scheme of things, yeah, there are other things I would far rather spend $33 on, but really. The headache I get from searching through all the fuck-be-damned tax documents and the creative math-bastardry required to squeeze minor ducats from the IRS are REALLY not worth my time and energy. I will concede the victory to the IRS and let them have my $33 since the fine, fine state of Missouri is allowing me to break even, then get an $11 surplus.

Hrm. You can almost buy a CD with $11, no? Any recommendations?

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