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Was having a very dirty conversation with friends earlier this evening, and have since come to the conclusion that I couldn’t hang with the whole whips-n-chains S&M thing for the simple fact that when I get hurt, I get PISSED THE FUCK OFF. I can see myself getting whapped in the ass with a flogger, then kicking my partner’s sorry hide back into last Thursday.

Pain doesn’t feel good to me…pain feels like “oh, you’ll be thinking ‘ow’ when I get through with you.” Hell, I’ve gotten irrational twinges of rage when I’ve smacked my head into a doorframe. Why on earth would I sign up to have somebody smack me around?

And on a similar note, somebody with my violent tendencies should not be on the wielding end of a Cat-O-Nine-Tails. Big. Huge. Awful. Bad. Idea.

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