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Totally out of nowhere, I was just invited to participate in a local fashion show at the Fringe Festival. This guy I talked to for about half an hour two years ago remembered me and my weirdass clothes and thought my stuff would be great for the show he’s getting together. Apparently his main partner in the project has a very similar interest and aesthetic as what I do and is really into the historic fashion, so my 1880s dress may well ride the runway once again, as well as some of my more contemporary stuff.

Holy shit, y’all. Just when I’d pretty much given up on my sewing biz, I’ve had two serious inquiries about custom work, both of which would be for a reasonable sized run of stuff, and now this. Maybe I should get my ass in gear and renew my business license and straighten out my website after all.

My mind, it boggles, and my cup may well runneth over.

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