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I’ve been lousy about updating lately. So, in the grand spirit of “Day Late, Dollar Short,” I’ll tell ya about yesterday.

Pretty much the highlight of yesterday was the Urban Exploration ride out of Acme Bicycles. It’s always a good time–you never know who will come or where we’ll end up. I rolled up just before 3:00 and saw the usual assortment of customer and shop bikes parked all around, including a fancy recumbent I hadn’t seen before. While Christi was sorting out the last of the paying customers, I started chatting with other folks who were there for the ride. I was chatting with the guy who’d ridden the recumbent in, and we were on about what street conditions we liked the least, and he mentioned how railroad tracks and recumbents were not generally the best of friends, but that he had to deal with them daily, having to cross the Bottoms on account of living in the Strawberry Hill neighborhood.

When he mentioned Strawberry hill, the wheels in my brain started turning. Strawberry Hill….recumbent…

“Hey, are you a photographer,” I asked. He said that he was.
“Do you keep a Livejournal account,” I queried. He replied that he did.

Sure enough, it was ! Therefore I introduced myself properly, both by LJ-handle and by my own name. So, that was pretty cool, and I’m hoping he makes it to more of these Saturday rides, because it’s a good time, and it’s always great to hang out with another cool, laid-back city cyclist.

More tangentially bike-related stuff. I got the pattern for my Halloween costume yesterday, too. It’s the 1980s Cycling costumer from Old World Patterns. Bloomers, fitted, pointed-waist “reefer” and the silliest looking little hat, plus gaiters. It’s pretty nifty, and I don’t think it will be at all difficult to make up.

Sewing-related stuff–I’m finally making that pair of striped corduroy pants I’ve wanted forever. They’re going to be hella ugly, but that’s the way I wants em!

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