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I just hemmed a hiijab for a co-worker. It's really pretty…great embroidery on the yoke, and generally cool fabric–a nice, drapey jacquard-woven rayon in a kind of apricot color.

My own outfit for today is fairly chic, especially for me. I busted out my thriftshop tuxedo pants, a really cute black wool blazer (fitted, narrow lapels) Todd's mom gave me, and a white shirt. It's just a little bit Marlene Dietrich, and that's one of my favorite looks for dressy. I've got a job interview tomorrow, and I've been sprucing up a bit the last few days as a red-herring 😉

Tomorrow, it's out with the olive-green outing flannel suit and probably the stripey turtleneck I made to go with it. It's my favorite suit–looks all smart and sharp, but feels as comfy as pyjamas. It's impossible not to feel confident while wearing it.

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