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Though anyone who has either been a small child in ballet, or had a small child in ballet will probably get a kick out of this video.

Watching little kids at a ballet recital is hilarious. They look like a pan of popping popcorn, and I love how they watch each other for cues, or look offstage at their teacher who is prompting them, and they're all pretty much doing the same steps, but all at different times. This video is great because the mom, or whoever is filiming the event, gets the giggles so bad that she actually loses track of the stage from time to time.

I remember my first ballet recital. I was 7, and I thought that I did marvelously, though I've seen the video as a grownup, and recognise that I was just one of 12 tutu-ed pistons in a small-girl engine cranking along to an appalling little tune about being a “pretty powder puff, so soft and oh, so pink.” Ye ghods, I do wish I was kidding, but alas, I am not. A puff, a puff, pretty powder puff.

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