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Links for my sister

And anyone else who wants some safe-for-work and unusual websites to look at.

First up is (just in time for April Fool's Day, I might add) The Museum of Hoaxes. This is a major repository of pranks, hoaxes, fake websites, manipulated photos and all sorts of trickery. A fine compliment to this site is the redoubtable Snopes.com THE source for debunking old wives' tales, e-mail rumors, and urban legends.

Next up is The Unusual Museums of the Internet, a clearinghouse of peculiar websites devoted to unlikely collections of micro-historical objects. For those of us who dig on material culture, this site is a freakin' goldmine. The start of their member listing can be found here. Seriously, y'all. There exists a site for the British Lawnmower Museum. And one of my personal favorites the Toilet Museum. I remember coming across this website many years ago, when I got my first computer and net access, and I am pleased to say that it has grown and matured splendidly since back then.

And now, moving on (if you can tear yourself away from the Toilet museum) we can go on a virtual tour of America's striking, kitschy, and undeniably awesome roadside attractions. This website is King. It's like living in a Zippy the Pinhead comic. By the way, LURVE the Zippy. Zippy is also the king. Just for kicks, here are more truly astounding roadside attractions. Speaking of which, anc combining two of my previous links, once I started writing a short story about a man who built a really amazing roadside attraction out in the middle of the Nebraska prairie. It started as nothing more than a traveller's rest stop…a toilet shack, pretty much, but then he went on to create a 2-storey tall toilet, around which an elaborate and demented theme park eventually evolved. Unfortunately, I never really could get the story to coalesce. Possibly because I could not stop chortling long enough to write properly.

Oldies, but goodies:

How Much is Inside?
Steve, don't eat it!
Project Gutenberg
University of Virginia's E-Text Center
Just about every possible synonym to express being a lazy lump, in English

Aaaaand, I think that's just about enough for today!

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