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I was supposed to have a counselling session tonight, and I totally forgot about it.

I feel like such an asshole, as I hate flaking on any sort of appointment or commitment. I feel like an asshole going to a counselor anyhow. I feel pretty bad for her having to listen to people's troubles all the time…it's got to be a terribly stressful job. I kind of feel like, “gosh here I am adding more work for her” or in this case, inconveniencing her by not even showing up. She keeps late office hours and does weekend appointments sometimes, which is awfully accomodating, but then I think it's hardly fair on her and her family to have such weird hours.

Worse yet, after having read the book she asked me to read, I had a whole bunch of things I wanted to ask her about and discuss and so I have to put that off, too.

I hope I can sort my shit out pretty shortly.

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