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Strange Signage

It all started three weeks ago, when one of my biking buddies informed me that there was a sign near one of the downtown construction sites advising “Totally Nude Parking In The Rear.”

Now, a little background here:

Thar be a stripper joint downtown, called “Totally Nude Temptations.” Due to all of the construction going on downtown, there's no on-street parking right around the nudie bar, and access to their parking lot is obscured. Per Dave, there was a temporary sign pointing patrons to the offstreet parking lot, a sign which read “Totally Nude Parking In The Rear.” I went over to Totally Nude last Thursday, on my lunch hour, searching for the Totally Nude In The Rear parking sign, and utterly failed to find it. Either the sign has since been removed, Dave was making shit up, or he'd misremembered

this sign. Even if it isn't nearly as rich as “Totally Nude Parking In The Rear” would have been, it is still reasonably amusing, and has Photoshop potential.

Speaking of which, and oldie, but a goodie, and one which (sadly) no longer exists:

the sorely missed “Porn Express” box

Back to the more recent photoshoot:

More dubious parking situations…

Please look very, very closely at this picture. What you expect is not quite what you see

I'm not quite sure what this implies. I think it may be a prohibition against graffiti. It put me in mind of this, however. Both are quite polite, yet authoratitive.

This is one of the coolest trade signs *ever* It is motorized and rotates in a stately and mesmerizing fashion.

So, feel free to check out this little video>
I took of it in action. It's very short, but you can get a good idea of what happens with the scissor sign. Which is incredibly awesome.

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