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***I went bike racing yesterday, which was, as it always is, Really Big Fun. The weather was a bit uncertain (very grey, mist-drizzling on the way out there, a little windy) but by the time I got out to the track, the precipitation had stopped, and the pavement was dry. It was held out at Kansas Speedway, which is WAY the hell out in the boondocks off I70, but amazingly, I didn't get lost on my way out there. It was part of Kansas City's Corporate Challenge, where people from different companies in the metro area competed. I discovered that few companies around town seem to have as insane of employees as me. Lots of people were grizzling about the weather (“man, it's kinda cold” “too bad the weather wasn't a little nicer,”) and a lot of “god, I am SOOOO out of shape…I haven't been on my bike all winter”) Thanks to the magic of year-round commuting, I didn't find the weather especially inhospitible, nor did I need to worry excessively about my fitness levels. Especially as the race was 2 miles on mostly level ground. That's a bit under 2/3 of my daily commute, and without the annoying hills. Anyway, I went, I pedalled, and I came home. It was a time-trial setup, and I couldn't find the person to ask about what my time was, so I have no idea how I even did. Probably middling okay-ish. There were a couple of girls out there with TT helmets and disc wheels, which makes me suspect they were taking shit seriously, while I was riding my very nice Burley, in cargo shorts and combat boots, and proudly displaying my cute little bell, which is of the variety that goes “prring-prring” in a very cheerful fashion. I “prring-ed” at the various volunteers who were stationed at points around the course, and as I crossed the finish. Heck, if you had a new bell, wouldn't you ring it? Anyway, I reckon I did okay. I passed three girls who started ahead of me, and nobody passed me, and I wasn't one of the ones before the race fretting “OMG, I'm like such a cow I haven't been to spin class since Missy stopped teaching it back in August” (real quote, for real)

***In other news, I accidentally bought a can of “Quick Oats” and they're fkcuking disgusting. Bleh. YUK. I detest sticky, mushy, globby oatmean with no texture other than a glutinous one. BARF. I may actually go and buy another can of oatmeal–the right kind, and just save this yuk for bulking up muffins. It's really gross.

***My computer's still broken, so I'm updating from Todd's, and I still hate his keyboard. He has his last final exam today, so maybe he'll have the time to work on my machine pretty soon.

***In the meantime, without having the computer to fool around on, I've been getting hella stuff done around the house. I planted my garden, re-arranged all of the furniture in the living room and dining room, put away all of the heavy-duty winter clothes, tidied out the mudroom, made a pair of pants, made a skirt, and learned how to make good onigiri.

***I have like a million-zillion pictures on my camera, and the card is now full, and so I am kind of grounded from taking pictures for the now. Which sucks. Especially as many pretty things are happening in the garden. I may spring for another memory card for the camera for the time being.</ul

And that's about it.

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