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I’ve taken up with the hobby of Friz as of yesterday. I gotta tell ya, that shit’s addictive. As improbable as the feat of a bunch of bike-riders pitching around a frizbee while on the wheel sounds, it’s mad fun. I can’t pick the frisbee up from the ground just yet, but I’m practising. I managed a few solid catches, fell off my bike a couple of times, and could not physically quit grinning. The guys who were there last night, Ryan, Ryan, Damon, and Aaron were remarkably patient with a newbie-noob, which was encouraging, too.

After work tonight, I went down to the Frisbee Golf course off of Cliff Drive and had a go at trying to pick up a bucket lid for about an hour. A little more falling, a vast many near misses, no success as yet. The Frisbee Golf course is really lumpy and kind of hilly, so it wasn’t perhaps as good of a place to practice as it at first had seemed. There are a couple of promising-looking locations along Paseo that I may test out tomorrow and/or later on in the week.

My newest personal challenge is learning how to pick something up off the ground while I’m on my bike. It’s really challenging…because you do alomst exactly the opposite of what feels right. You need to reach out over your leg that’s at the pedal downstroke, and push your bike to the outside, toward your knee that is up, to preserve your center of gravity. It’s also quite odd and a bit disorienting to be kind of hanging upside-down under your handlebars. I also have a distressing tendency to shove down on my up-side pedal while I am reaching out for the frisbee, which predictably rockets me into a horizontal position.

Thanks be the game is played on grass is all I have to say.

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