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I went out to practice picking stuff up off the ground while riding my bike once again today. I heeded Ryan’s advice and practiced with a can for the time being. I had an old plastic coffee can on the back porch, left over from christmas goodies.    I try to amass a number of these before baking season, hence the note re: not throwing away the can.  As you’ll also see, I ran over the can a few times. Unfortunately, my camera’s flash really washed out the treadmarks on the bottom of the can. Woe!

Clockwise from top left, “Save This Can,” “Nothing Can Save This Can,” “Bottom of the Can,” and “Cat Snoot In Can.”

So, besides running over the can a few times, I got to where I could consistently snatch it up off the ground. The first time I actually snapped up the can, I almost let out an obnoxious whoop. I did ride in tight circles swinging the can over my head in victory. I REALLY wanted to make the noise the Sand People make in Star Wars when the make a successful potshot at somebody. But somehow, I managed to restrain myself.

After I got to feeling pretty confident with the can, I rode around grasping at bits of rubbish on the park lawn. I managed to snag a couple of junk-mail envelopes.

Tomorrow night, for practice, I think I am going to go out with a garbage bag, and pick up all of the flyaway coupon circulars and abandoned Colt 45 cans in the park. It’ll be killing two birds with one stone…more practice in picking stuff up off the ground while riding, and eliminating litter.

I’m all socially conscious & stuff.

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