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I've been thinking of doing this for a long while, and have decided that now is the time. I really feel like I lucked out in the family draw; we're all a little hwacky, but mostly-functional and we all love each other dearly and tend to show it pretty effortlessly.

I consider my Mom, Dad, and sister to be blessings in human form (in a totally secular way). Of all the people I could have grown up with, this crew seems just right. Sure, we have all had our clashes and disagreements, but as a crew, all told, it's been pretty smooth sailing.

My sister reads my blog sometimes, and sometimes mentions stuff from it to my folks when they chat.

Hi, Dee-Dee! Hope this doesn't embarras you too much. Since you were most recently the birthday-girl, I think I'll start with you!

These entries are going to be pretty significant, so I'll probably post them tonight, in sections, under cuts.

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