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I broke my glasses about a week and a half ago. REALLY broke 'em. I wasn't doing anything particular, either, just pushing them up, when one bow fell completely off. I immediately thougth the screw had come out, but no, the bow had snapped off just behind the hinges. Fie! I liked these glasses. I have had them for about five years, however–I got 'em just before I quit from DST. Ah well, I guess it was time

I thought it had only been last summer when I had to have the lenses replaced, but apparently it was almost exactly two years ago. Thank goodness I don't have to go and wear my teal bug-eye glasses again. Verily they are hideousssss. I had taken some pictures of myself wearing them the last time I had glasses drama, but apparently lost the photos. Perhaps I should re-take them and traumatize you guys all over again.

Anyhow, I went down to the regular optometrist, and my work has offered better eyecare insurance these days. It used to only cover the exam, but now it covers up to $130 on frames, and half the cost of lenses. So getting my new speccies is going to actually cost me, out-of-pocket, less than what LensRipoffCrafters horked me for a pair of lenses two years ago. yay, insurance.

These are the frames I'm getting They don't compete too terribly with my eyebrows and work really well with my choppy/tufty/punky haircut. They have spring sides so I think they'll be pretty durable, and they're basic enough that they will look okay with pretty much everything I wear. They're a little trendy, but at least they're not emo or 1980s style, the two options I was seriously afraid I'd get stuck with. 1980s glasses were a disaster the last time I had to have them

As you can see, I looked significantly like the little girl from “Little Miss Sunshine.” Given that my facial structure is still remarkably similar to how it was when I was a kid, I'd just look like a Gigantic Miss Sunshine, and this would be Very Bad For Everyone.

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