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Wanna sponsor me?

I've taken it upon myself to ride in the MS150 this year, because I like to ride, and might as well do it for a good cause. Here's the rub. I'm completely shit at fundraising. I'm going to go down to the Plaza in my full 1890s regalia next weekend (too busy this weekend) and see if I can drum up some curiosity and turn curiosity into pledges, but in the meantime, I thought I'd put the word out on my journal.

So, here's the spiel. Multiple Sclerosis is a pretty scary disease. The nerve fibres comprising a person's central nervous system start basically “raveling,” (the coating (myelin) which allows them to transfer impulses disintegrates) and bits of a person's nervous system blink out on them. One day you're trotting along, fine and dandy, the next day, perhaps you can't see, or maybe your left arm doesn't work. There are periods of remission, for some people, where they live asymptomatically, but the disease is progressive and degenerative, and eventually, it will kill its sufferers. And the disease itself is frustrating, unpredictable, and still somewhat mysterious. A lot of research is going into findign effective treatment for this disease, and good research costs.

That's where you and I come in. You sponsor me, I ride for charity. If it takes a stunt like riding a hundred and fifty miles in a weekend to raise much-needed money for medical science, then I'm the girl to call upon. And if you're the kind of person who'd like to support a crazyass like me in doing such a thing, then click on the linky above and sponsor me. It doesn't have to be a big, grand wad-o-cash. A fiver is appreciated…whatever you can give will not be disdained, and will indeed be gratefully appreciated.

With your support, I'll be gone September 9th & 10th, riding my bike, taking pictures, and getting ready to do one hell of a write-up when I get back home.

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