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1. I just totally, accidentally matched my underpants and my shirt for today. I just noticed this when I went into the bathroom to put on a little perfume. Both are white with a pink floral design. The underwear have little rosebuds and hot pink piping around the legs and waist and the shirt has a pattern of sage-green vines with little pink blossoms on them. It was very unintentional, very weird, and very unlike me. I don't wear much pink, and I didn't even used to own pretty underwear until Hanes started selling some cute printed ones. I just couldn't see paying Victoria's Secret prices for something maybe one other person might see (and who considers underwear to be naught but a petty hindrance). Cheap, pretty underwear, however, I can totally get into, 'cause if nothing else, I know I've got on some cute knickers, even if my husband considers them a superfluity.

2. Second pointless epiphany, spawned by first one: it's kind of like toenail polish. Nobody's going to see it, but it's still kind of fun.

3. The Faint remind me shockingly of Devo sometimes. I was listening to the album “Danse Macabre,” and kind of letting my brain idle, and suddenly found myself thinking, “the fuuuhh….we don't have any Devo CDs.. Here's one the The Faint's songs, recorded at a concert (so the quality is crap) but it's one of the ones that's pretty evidently influened by Devo. Here are a couple more The Faint songs. Agenda Suicide, I Disappear, phone call, and Paranoia Attack.

4, Pointless epiphany 4, spawned by 3: The Faint are like what would happen if Devo, NIN, and KMFDM got together for an orgy, and some kind of twisted bastard chimera was born of the union.

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