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Me and my road bike ain't been gettin' along. We weren't seeing ass-to-saddle just recently. I'm not entirely sure what, but something about my setup isn't quite right, and by and large, it feels like my bike's trying to climb up my butthole while my ears are trying to become one with my shoulders. In short, my body's kinda hunched up, and I'm generally sitting too much on the horn of the saddle rather than on the actual seat part where my buttcheeks are supposed to go.

In attempt to alleviate these woes a bit, I was playing around with my saddle tonight, trying sliding it back, then forward, and then lowering the seat a bit. Except as I was lowering the seat, I apparently overtightened the seatpost clamp and snapped the bolt right the heck off.


Luckily, it didn't snap off and stick. I was able to pull the seatpost all the way out of the seat tube and pry the clamp off. Since half the bolt is stuck in the clamp, I expect I'll be replacing the whole shebang. With luck ACME will have one in stock.

With even better luck, maybe they will get a chance to go over the Bianchi before the weekend, and I can ride that instead.

I think I need professional help getting my road bike set up to where it is comfortable to ride it literally all day.

What I think needs to happen, besides the seat angle issues, is a shorter, more raised stem. I just don't want to go too short on the stem and make its already sensitive handling any worse.

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