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Well, well, well.  Here I am, just about to get into bed, as I have to be up at the buttcrack of dawn to go get signed in at the start of the MS150 out in Lee's Summit.  I'm not entirely sure where Longview Elementary is, so I need to get a head start to compensate for getting lost.  I have MapQuest and all, but I trust myself to get lost in the wilds of suburbia if and whenever possible.  Fie and woe.

I've jury-rigged a package rack to my road bike, strapped down all the shit I'm not toting in my messenger bag, cleaned my bag out and ditched many extraneous things, checked all my spare tubes, packed up what clothing I'm taking, made sure I have all the tools I actually might need, re-charged all my blinky-light batteries, aired up my bike tires, lubed up the chain, and thought happy thoughts about not riding in a thundering downpour.

Wish me good weather and good roads, for I'll soon be off, off toward Sedalia.

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