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I did, like, everything this past weekend.

1. Finished packing ALL of Todd's stuff, and staged it all in the living room, orderly as you please. I'd already had most of it boxed up and out there, but I did a final push, since he's taking a few things up to his parents' place over the Thanksgiving holiday, so they can store them for him. Also, his mother sent me a reminder e-mail to ensure that I didn't hang on to anything that wasn't my just due. Not to worry, nearly every item on her packing list was already boxed up and ready to move out. “Sunday, Sunday Sunday Everything must go!!!”

2. Took down all of my pictures, removed all of my stuff from living room, so as to make the move-out as easy as possible and leave the room prepped for the Next Great Wallpaper Exorcism, planned for early December.

3. Organized my work-room, moved my computer & craft desk in there, set the computer back up (and everything works).

4. All of the dirty laundry is now clean, most of it is folded and put away

5. Sanitized bottles for the current batch of homebrew

6. Washed rug for dining room

7. Re-potted a bunch of cactus

8. Participated in the Cranksgiving alleycat race. My pictures here and Forrester's pictures can be seen here and if I hear about any other photos anywhere, I'll follow up and post 'em.

9. Re-assembled the two little-kid bikes I'd fixed up and gave 'em to the neighbor girls, with a perfunctory riding lesson and wholehearted promises to fix any flats they incurred. The older girl already knows how to ride a bike, though her new bike is just a little too big for her—with a little practice and confidence, however, she will be okay. The younger is making excellent progress with coasting her bike along “hobby-horse” style, and I predict will be up to pedaling in short order.

10. Put on David-Bowie-style eyemakeup and videoblogged about it. (video and pictures to come later)

11. Lit off a bunch of smoke-bombs and videotaped that. (videos to come later)

12. Drank about three pots of coffee over the course of about two days.

13. Cleaned the cat-boxes

14. Scrubbed down the bathroom.

Needless to say, today, Monday, I wish I had another day off, as I'm still beat from my darn weekend.

I really feel a sense of accomplishment, however.

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