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I think I am back:

I'd like to start writing again, start posting again. Sharing my bicycle adventures, my silly stories of childhood, pictures of my cats being hairy little fiends, tales of my foolish misadventures, sewing and art projects. I'd like to get back to a semblance of normal. A new, improved, different normal.

Normal looks different for me these days. My daily routines have changed, the way the house is arranged is slowly changing. What and when I eat is different. The noise levels in the house are different. When I do or don't run errands, when I clean, when I pay bills, where I park bikes, where I get dressed in the morning, when I go to bed at night.

I eat better, less, and earlier. Not that there was ever a great lot of beer in my life, but there's less of that. More biking, more stretching—probably going to get into yoga soon. Often, I have a big ol' mug of tea later in the evening. There is much less computer time in my life. In fact, the computer is switched off entirely more often than not. I read more, I sew more, I do more tidying, cleaning, and organizing. I'll have to do much less of the tidying, cleaning, and organizing shortly, and that will leave me more time to do more fun stuff. More beadwork, more art projects, maybe more writing.

There are still some pretty heavy things going on in my life that I won't write about. They're private, sad, and not at all interesting to anyone, except as how they are the process I'm living out right now to transition from being married, and in a non-functional relationship to life as an autonomous divorcee. I think it is mean, tacky, and unfair to blog about the guts and bones of a dead marriage, and I don't intend to lay it all out there for examination.

There's a lot of paperwork, a lot of sorting through belongings, a lot of sorting through emotions and memories. Re-budgeting, re-scheduling, and re-arranging. Assessing what has not worked for years, and trying new tactics for my life that I think will work better. It's tiring, no doubt about it, but satisfying, cathartic, and hope-inducing.

I'm just plugging along, trying to do right by my life and the people in it, ride bikes, bake cookies, and create beautiful things. I'm hoping to bring these aspects of my life into my blog, and share the things that make me smile, as I've generally tried to do in years past.

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