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So, I've embarked upon redecorating the living room and dining room, a project I've wanted to tackle ever since I first stepped foot into this house over three years ago. I'll be excavating something like 80 years accumulation of misguided wallpaper and paint accretions. Okay, in the two aforementioned rooms, this is only like 3-4 layers, but it is still plenty of a pain in the ass.

Today, you can see the first set of photos here not that they are especially exciting at this point.

I also have videos of my concepts for the project, and some very preliminary progress footge…basically a “nearly-before” video and a “three hours in” video. Probably the next time I do any video on this will be after I get all the wallpaper stripped, whenever that ends up being.

Me yammering about the living room and my aesthetic aspirations for said room.

My voice echoes in the empty room! This is as close to a “before” shot as can be had.

I find that my gung-ho wallpaper attack yielded disappointing results. I start to realize what a tedious job I have undertaken. Go me!

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